About Us

We honor those who came before us, instilled their traditions, and have paved the way. We STAND behind the military, police, fire, and all others who have been bred to answer the call and face life head on.

IDLH is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.


STAY DANGEROUS does not mean to act dangerously or unsafe. 

STAY DANGEROUS is the mindset of those who will never settle for mediocracy. Those individuals have the drive and discipline to improve every day and will always be a student of their craft.  They seek to increase their mental and physical toughness, improve their skill set, and inspire those around them to be an asset not a liability! 

Support the mindset and tag us in all of your dept training, workouts, etc. #IDLHAPPAREL #STAYDANGEROUS #IED #NPS

All of our apparel is hand printed/embroidered in-house in South Florida. We strive to collaborate with other veteran and first responder owned businesses to offer more products and to support their businesses.